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#1 LexxeHoK



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Отправлено 23 Август 2016 - 13:27

Прибыли на первое озеро Кольсай в 3 утра. Ночью не спали. Покушали минут 40 и выдвинулись под свет фонарей на 1-2 и главное третье озеро Кольсай. Которое находитсяв 6 км от границы с Киргизией.
Второе озеро Кольсай

Второе озеро вид с горы
Поднимаемся со второго на 3 озеро



Третье озеро Кольсай. Самое отдаленное и малопосещаемое.
Но не менее красивое. Кристально чистое.
Очень чистое
Бегущее дерево на третьем озере


Уже чего чего а воды и елей Тянь Шанских тут очень много
Первое озеро Кольсай


Также первое озеро
И я на 2-м озере. Джон сфотал :)

#2 Scaut


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Отправлено 31 Август 2016 - 09:31

Ваня ты много лет собирался на Кольсай летом. Рад что сбылось таки! Фото третьего самого редкого озера впечатляет. Всё супер на высоте! :)

#3 Nikollpab



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Отправлено 11 Апрель 2019 - 23:08

Roerich Museum Moscow
Astonishment is what we are reading in the eyes of visitors of the Roerich Museum in Moscow. Behind the doors of the first biggest public museum in Russia, there is no place for any earthly and temporal things; the time itself disappears, and we plunge into the infinitude of cosmic truths.

Chintamani. Roerich 1935-1936
Chintamani. Roerich 1935-1936

The vivid palette mesmerizes!
We witness the creative enlightenment of artists.
The large collection of paintings of Nicholas Roerich
(pronounced in Russian like Nikolai Rerikh) and his youngest son Svetoslav Nikolayevich turns this place into a unique and
exciting Moscow art gallery. We offer you to explore this museum accompanied by our prefessional Moscow tour guide that
will help you understand and feel the special atmosphere of the place.

Passing from hall to hall, we seem to follow the stream of time.
The canvases depicting lost civilizations are succeeded with the images of pagan Rus.
From ancient Indian monasteries, we travel to the Christian Russia, and it seems as if we
can hear the chime of bells in honour of the Slavonic Land. Scenes of heaven battles give
place to the mysterious underground life. The Himalayan series confirm the Roerich’s title as a “Maestro of mountains”.
As if the sagacious painter flips through the pages of the “Book of Life”.

The International Centre of the Roerichs (the official name of Roerich Art Gallery Moscow) is a
unique spiritual and cultural centre in Russia, collaborating with the UN and the UNESCO.
It hosts International conferences, dedicated to important problems both in culture and in science.
Many distinguished scholars in history, culture, philosophy participate in them.
This Moscow art museum organizes classical music concerts, festivals and meeting with famous artists and poets,
and contemporary cosmist artists exhibit their works. This centre is an active living organism, open for international co-operation.

Roerich Museum Moscow
Roerich Museum Moscow

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